10 May 2013


Tonight, after a long day, I took my family to a Poetry Slam. It was inspiring. My daughter loved it. My teenaged son was silent. In the car, we clashed. He went off to bed, and I said, “Good night.”

Before nodding off, he sent me this video via email.

I am flawed. I regret not holding my tongue. I regret not being the adult. I regret not saying “I love you.”


  1. Hey Rosita...much love and hugs to you. You are a TERRIFIC mom...the boy knows that...you are flawed...you are human...you've raised some super great kids. Ten years from now, the story of the "Poetry Slam/kid President video" will be part of your family legend, someone will bring it up...you'll apologize again for the millionth time...and the boy will say, "it's alright mom...stop beating yourself up about it. Really..it's oK." We all let our kids down from time to time...in big ways and in small...just love him a bit more the next day. I think too, that the fact that he responded in such a sweet/funny/insightful way says a lot about how much HE loves YOU.

  2. mom2dems, thank you so very much for your eloquent response. I will keep your advice close. It was a good reminder.