24 June 2017

Dear Young Woman

Dear Young Woman,
Your golden locks blow in the breeze of the backseat. 
A night of merriment in this early spring.

Youth and bravado engulf you as you circle the Capitol …
The place you celebrated womanhood in your pink pussy hat. 

Ms Wisconsin Forward watches as you stop at the light. 
The laughter in your car filled with privilege permeates the night air. 

And there he sits. The younger one, waiting for the bus. 
He’s slim, wearing dress pants and a dress shirt, the remnants of a long night of work. 

As the driver accelerates, you lean out of the window, those yellow locks flying …
You yell, “Your mother should have swallowed you!”

His safety bubble has popped as yours whizzes by.
Your voice trails but it has hit its mark.

He winces. You have struck his core.
You have given his mother a role you would never give yourself, 
or any other woman in your life. 

Did you smile at your accomplishment? 
Will you remember your victim?

I doubt it.
We are but inconveniences in your life.

We are mere islands that disrupt your path.
We remind you that you are marginalized by the white man.
We remind you that there is a lower place to reside.

Better keep us in our place so that you will never feel that verbal punch.
Bitch, cunt, whore.

Wear that pussy hat proudly.

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